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What is Mindstar doing to become "anti-spam?

We hope that individuals find our e-mail communications informative and helpful. However, Mindstar respects the recipient's wishes for either receiving or not receiving e-mail communications from us. Therefore, Mindstar Productions has adopted the following as procedures for all of its e-mail distribution communications:

1. Valid Subscribe/Unsubscribe Service

Mindstar has created unsubscribe@MindstarProds.com as a means to unsubscribe from any Mindstar Productions communication distribution lists. An e-mail sent to this address is handled personally by our personnel to meet the satisfaction of the requester.

E-mail communications we send will always have the "Contact Us" information at the end of the note. Mindstar Productions' website will always provide information on how to subscribe or unsubscribe to any of its e-mail distribution lists (see www.MindstarProds.com/unsubscribe or www.MindstarProds.com/feedback). The process to subscribe and unsubscribe is simple, real, and requires only a few seconds.

Mindstar Productions also has a strict privacy policy which states that information collected by Mindstar Productions is not sold, but used internally for marketing campaigns and product support.

2. Valid addressing

The e-mail communication will be sent to a single recipient with the intention of it being received by only one individual. The sender address will be a valid Mindstar e-mail address that is monitored by a Mindstar employee. Therefore the sender address can also be sent e-mail. The sender address will be relevant to the content of the message being sent.

For example, information sent regarding news about Mindstar products or services will be sent from CinergyNews@MindstarProds.com

3. Valid headers/subjects

The e-mail communication will always have a header or subject that is appropriate and true to the content provided in the communication. The header or subject will not be used inappropriately or give a disproportionate benefit to the sender.

In addition, for messages that can be considered advertisements, the subject will be prefixed with "Adv:" to identify it as such.

4. Valid contact information

Any contact information in the e-mail communication will be real and relevant to Mindstar Productions..

5. Relevant and beneficial information for the recipient

Mindstar Productions attempts to provide honest information about our company, solutions, products, services, or other information which we feel will be in some way relevant and beneficial to the recipient.

6. Mindfulness and compliance with company policies

Mindstar Productions' e-mail distributions will be mindful and in compliance with its current Privacy Policy as well as its Anti-Spam Policy which is in compliance with current international privacy-policy requirements.

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