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Macintosh OS 9 & OS X Users Can Run Cinergy!
Virtual PC opens the door to multi-platform deployment

Mac users can take full advantage of the power of Cinergy.   Even though Cinergy is a Windows-based program, Mac users can run Cinergy under the revolutionary virtualization system called Virtual PC.   Virtual PC (Connectix and Microsoft) allows Mac users to run Windows based programs on their Macs.  Leaps and bounds ahead of the old "SoftPC" technology from years ago, Virtual PC adds a high-performance Windows environment on your Mac G3 or higher.  Mindstar has spent significant effort to ensure that our products function properly in this environment, and customers who have experienced this technology consistently agree it's a powerful solution.

As a Mac user, you have certainly experienced the lag time between the release of Mac and Windows software.  And you have probably also experienced the almost inevitable compatibility problems when passing files back and forth to Windows users.   Mac OS X helps solve much of this, and Virtual PC solves the rest.   By running the same version of Cinergy that your Windows counterparts are using, you are guaranteed of zero compatibility issues with Cinergy projects created on either OS. 

Virtual PC for Mac employs standard Mac controls and commands. It gives you the flexibility to work across platforms—side by side—without changing your Mac OS, software or files. Say goodbye to compatibility issues. Virtual PC for Mac lets you have the best of both worlds

Compare and Save $$$
When you purchase any Cinergy module for use on the Mac, and you factor in the cost of Virtual PC 6, certain combinations of modules will actually cost you less money than the competing product, but you get the most powerful production management system in the world. And you're guaranteed of absolutely no compatibility problems with your co-workers who run Cinergy on Windows-based systems.  Compare for yourself:

Cinergy Modules + Virtual PC 6.x

vs Movie Magic for Mac

Cinergy Budgeting + Virtual PC

$ 634.00

Movie Magic Budgeting for Mac

$ 697.00

Budgeting & Scheduling + Virtual PC

$ 1034.00

Movie Magic Budgeting & Scheduling

$ 1498.00

Cinergy Scheduling + Virtual PC

$ 734.00

Movie Magic Scheduling

$ 697.00

Cinergy On Set Shot Logging + Virtual PC

$ 1034.00

No Corresponding Product


Cinergy Post Production

$ 2734.00

No Corresponding Product


Standalone Labor Rates + Virtual PC

$ 355.00

No Corresponding Product


Periodic Labor Rate Updates

$ 19.95

No Corresponding Product


* Prices based on regular retail prices for Cinergy modules.  Some resellers may sell Cinergy modules at reduced rates.   
**Calculations based on $235 estimated price for Virtual PC


Faster Updates
Another benefit of this solution is Mindstar can release updates much more quickly to the entire production community.   The Cinergy UpdateWizard uses your Mac OS internet connection to check for updates to the software.   This means you can get updates at the same time as everybody else.  No more waiting for the "Mac Version" to be released.

A True Mac Application
Virtual PC for Mac is built for Mac users by Mac users.  It works well with your Mac and does not change any of your existing software or files.  It has a great Mac OS X user interface and it takes advantage of the stability in Mac OS X to be more reliable.

Dock Integration
When Cinergy runs in Virtual PC for Mac, it appears in the Dock, just like any Mac OS X application.  If Virtual PC for Mac isn't running when a dock item is chosen, Virtual PC for Mac will automatically launch itself, start Windows, and open the appropriate Windows application.

Improved Performance
If you're running Virtual PC 6 in Mac OS X version 10.2.3 (Jaguar), you'll likely seen an increase in performance compared to previous versions running in Mac OS X.

Improved Printing and Monitor Support
Virtual PC 6 for Mac now automatically detects USB printers (in Mac OS X) to give you increased compatibility.  It also offers video support for Apple monitors including the new 23" Cinema Display flat panel, as well as full-screen support for resolutions up to 1920x1200 in true color

Click here for more information about Virtual PC

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