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Have you previously installed Cinergy?
If so, then simply run your Cinergy UpdateWizard 
to get the latest enhancements.  
You don't need to re-download the installer below.


Product or Download Item


Cinergy 2000 Suite Trial Version - Full Install

A fully functional version of the flagship Cinergy Motion Picture Production System product.  This trial version lets you try all the features of the system to help you make your purchase decision.  (Download Size: 29 MB)

Cinergy Script Editor

The free Cinergy Script Editor is already installed if you installed the Cinergy 2000 Trial from above.  The Script Editor never expires, and continues to be fully functional even after the Cinergy 2000 trial period has elapsed.  This download contains only the free editor, and none of the production management functions of Cinergy 2000.  (Download Size: 15 MB)

Cinergy Labor Rate Browser - Windows

A standalone version of the Cinergy Labor Rate Browser.  This program  runs as a separate application on your computer, whether or not you have the Cinergy MPPS system installed.  Available for both Mac and Windows, and delivered with a small sample database.  (Download Size: 8.4 MB)

Cinergy Labor Rate Browser - Mac OS X

Mac OS X Verson of the Labor Rates Browser program.

Cinergy 2000 Guided Tour Demo

A slideshow presentation that guides you through the features and modules of the Cinergy Motion Picture Production System.  An excellent place to start learning how to use the system.   (Download Size: 1.4 MB)

Images of Selected Cinergy Screens

Screenshots of selected screens from the Cinergy MPPS system.

Sample Printouts

A listing of some of the printouts created by Cinergy.  Several are available for download as Adobe PDF files.


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