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Educational Discounts

We offer educational discounts to qualifying students and academic institutions for all software products purchased
directly from Mindstar Productions.   Orders must be placed via our educational order form along with
corresponding proof of school affiliation. Your educational sales order should be faxed to (703) 404-5549.
Students Eligibility Requirements

Any part time or full-time student enrolled in an accredited film institution or trade school program.

One of the following forms of identification must be provided:

   • copy of current student/teacher ID

   • current course schedule

   • current tuition bill

   • registrar’s letter written on school’s letterhead indicating your current enrollment status

Instructor Eligibility Requirements

Any active full-time teacher or professor of an accredited film institution or trade school program.

Documentation clearly indicating that you are a member of the teaching staff of a recognized educational institution.

Educational Institution Eligibility

A purchase order bearing the educational institution's letterhead is required. 

Special Educational Institution Discounts

   Site Licenses
   Network server based licenses are available for purchase by educational institutions.  The server based
   installation option is ideal for distributing licenses across multiple computers in a shared computing environment.
   Please contract our education team at education@mindstarprods.com in regards to your software requirements.
   Volume Discounts
   Educational institutions are eligible for volume discounts for software orders of $5000 (US) or more .  Contact
   our education team at education@mindstarprods.com for more details.

Product Registration Requirement

Product registration requires proof of student or faculty status.  Only after proof of status has been provided, will 
product registration keys be provided for purchased application modules.

What are the restrictions for purchasing and using our educational purchased software?


Students and faculty must be able to show proof of eligibility.  Proof can be in the form of a photocopy of a
school ID, current tuition bill, current course schedule, or registrar's letter of enrollment status.

Software may not be resold or used for commercial purposes.

                                                     Institutional Sales

Organizations must be able to show proof of applicable accreditation.

Organizational purchased software can be installed and used only on institution owned machines.

* Hardware sold by Mindstar Productions is not subject to educational discounts.

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